Studies have shown that the environment in which a child learns is as important as what is being learned.

This is why we take great care in making sure our centres are not only safe, but also child-friendly, clean, and organized. We follow the guidelines from the Jabatan Kebajikan Malaysia (JKM) for the teacher-child ratio in order to make sure each child is given and receive the deserved amount of attention from our educators.

We understand sometimes it’s hard to leave your child with someone else. So this is why at Choo Choo Train, all of our staff are strictly filtered through our recruitment system and then professionally trained to ensure your child’s safety and best interest.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy many years with us as we ensure your child’s healthy growth and structured learning.

We believe in allowing children to express their emotions and thoughts.

At Choo Choo Train, happiness and love takes centre stage. We encourage freedom of expression through love and tenderness because allowing the children to be children and explore the world around them according to their own pace can help to ensure a child’s happiness.

By recognising each child is different, we aim to provide your child with the best and most comfortable environment where they can discover many great things around them. Through understanding their different needs and requirements, we focus on each child with dedication, love, joy, and positivity.

It is our goal to ensure all Choo Choo Train children grow up into a mentally healthy and well-adjusted adults.

The people you work is vital to the success of the team.

This is why we have a strict recruitment procedure when it comes to filtering our applicants as we pay great attention to the quality of staff that we hire.

While our staff need to be registered and trained, we don’t focus on whether they are top performers or someone who memorize the Early Childhood Education textbook. We hire those who are positive, loving, honest, friendly, and have genuine care for children’s growth and development.

To ensure the best condition for your children, our staff consisted of registered nurses, certified educators, and accredited caretakers.

Hop on the train and find the fun in the sun!

At Choo Choo Train, we focus on positive energy and spreading happiness. This is why we work together to ensure the joyful environment is ideal for your child’s growth and development.

We allow your children to take the lead when it comes to learning and exploring because at our centre, we introduce your child to a healthy social environment so they can develop individuality, creativity, independence, and self-expression.

We incorporate this open and positive culture into everything Choo Choo Train does because we want to cultivate a loving, respectful, and happy environment for everyone.