Our Thematic Curriculum covers various subjects .....


Language Works!

By creating a literature-rich environment for your child at Choo Choo Train, we cultivate the love for books, reading, and language through listening, speaking, reading and writing.

To help your child learn better, we use Jolly Phonics, which is a fun and child-centred approach. It includes actions and multi-sensory methods so your child will be able to understand the sounds he or she is saying and soon learn how to read, write, and speak better!


Math Counts!

To introduce Math as fun and enjoyable, we incorporate games and activities to enforce the concept of counting, sorting, patterning, and problem solving in your child.


Science Rocks!

Good science is good observation and there is no better observer than a child!

In these lessons, Science Rocks! stimulates your child’s natural curiosity and sense of wonderment. We encourage your child to question, experiment, observe, record, describe, and discuss to form conclusions so they can naturally develop their research and thinking skills.


Art & Music Appreciation

Artistic expression and appreciation are often underestimated.

Being able to appreciate arts and music can contribute to your child’s healthy EQ because these lessons encourage your child to see things differently and appreciate things that are often not seen at face value.

At Choo Choo Train, your child is allowed to express themselves in any way they’re comfortable with and messiness is encouraged! Not only they will develop artistic appreciation skills, we may also discover hidden talents that your child possess!


Living Skill Activity

The lessons in this activity are aimed at encouraging your child to have more control of his or her surroundings.

This is an important skills because it develops confidence and independence, which are vital aspects in today’s world. By teaching and guiding your child to be more in control of his or her surroundings, your child can grow into a well-adjusted adult in his or her society in the future.


Well Aware

Good habits start from young.

This is why we educate your child to be aware of his or her physical health, emotions, and nutrition. We incorporate healthy habits into your child’s daily routines so it will develop into a habit as he or she grows up.


Social & Emotional Skill

It can be tough for children to accurately express his or her feelings.

At Choo Choo Train, we encourage children to interact with other children in the most efficient and natural way possible so they can develop their individual social and emotional skills.


Pretend Play

Many children love pretend play and believe it or not, it’s also one of the most important learning tools for a child!

Not only it’s a chance for them to let their imaginations run wild, our Pretend Play activities are also a way for your child to forge friendship with other children and further develop his or her social skills.


Cultural Awareness

Respect is earned and this is what we teach at Choo Choo Train.

By exposing your child to many different cultures from all over the world, he or she is able to appreciate people who are different and how others see the world.

The world is already big enough in the eyes of your child, yet we bring the world closer to them to allow your child understand and appreciate what a beautiful diverse world we live in.


Natural Education

We believe in a better and greener world in the future and the hope lies in our children.

Natural Living teaches your child to respect and appreciate the natural world. By educating your child about nature and all the wonderful things that live in it, we cultivate positive attitude and awareness so they understand the importance of preserving our Earth.


Kids Can Cook

It’s amazing how much kids can learn from cooking!

At Choo Choo Train, teaching kids how to cook is not just about teaching them survival skills, but it’s also about encouraging them to find their passion through cooking.

Who knows some of them really do turned out to be an international chef or maybe a food scientist! There is no limit to what your child can learn simply from learning how to cook.