We adopt an innovative approach where we complement the strengths of the Montessori Method with holistic early childhood approach through thematic curriculum.

Montessori Method

This education method developed by Dr. Maria Montessori is a child-centred approach where it focuses on the wholesome development of a child’s growth from his or her physical, emotional, and cognitive (thinking) aspect.

In line with our philosophy of keeping the in a happy and loving environment, the Montessori method best suited our activities and lessons structure to help you child grow up both physically and mentally healthy.

These activities and lessons are incorporated into all our programs from Infant & Baby Development Programme up to Nursery Exploration Programme. With carefully structured modules and conducted by trained educators, rest assured that your child will receive only the best education in his or her Golden Years!


Holistic Early Childhood Approach

Choo Choo Train strongly believes in educating your child not for just school readiness, but also for the rest of his or her life.

This is why it’s vital to ensure your child receives the right kind of education from the start and at Choo Choo Train we employ the holistic approach towards your child early childhood education.

Many are still doubtful about this approach because we have been led to believe that academic performance is the most important aspect in our life, but it is a mistake to ignore character development and attitude shaping in children.

Through holistic approach, we’re able to help in developing a child’s passion and academic prowess at the same time. Holistic approach focuses not only on learning important lessons for school, but also develop his or her Emotional Quotient (or Emotional Intelligence), which is as important IQ (Intelligence Quotient or Intellectual Intelligence). In fact, studies have shown that those with higher EQ tend to do better in life and find success in various fields compared to the people who have high IQ but poor EQ.

While each child’s IQ is different and can blossom as he or she grows up and develop better critical thinking skills, EQ also needs to be nurtured so your child can be a wholesome and well-adjusted adult later in life.


Thematic Curriculum

Our in house designed curriculums are based on weekly thematic to teach various subjects such as language development, living skills, art & music appreciations etc.