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A Parent’s Story: I Felt Guilty

I felt guilty to send my second daughter to daycare. When I had my first one, I was studying part-time and took care of her on my own. Now she’s in kindy and she’s so bright. Will my second one grow as bright in an outsider’s full-time care? I was worried. Were the infant teachers going to give my daughter as much attention as I gave my first one? How do I build a strong bonding with my newborn when I’ll only see her a few hours a day? Will her teachers teach her all the life and learning skills she needs?

Six months passed and my maternity leave was over. As much as I wanted to do it myself, it was just not possible. I enjoy my job and appreciate the pay. So, I lived with my guilt for the first few months my daughter was in childcare. Every night I asked myself if I was a bad mom and every morning I carried that crushing weight of question with me to my workplace. But something happened in the afternoons that made me feel better – getting notifications from Choo Choo Train on their school app.

Every few days I got to see photos of my daughter doing fun activities in her classroom. One time, she was grinning so widely as she reached for the bubbles floating around her. Another time, she looked so invested in a board book like some big kid studying! I grew happier about my decision to send her after every update I got. I could see my daughter thriving in the infant program.

Last weekend we were eating brunch together as a family and my daughter was happily sitting in her chair. Guess what happened? She grabbed her own bottle! I felt my guilt suddenly disappear into thin air when I saw her performing this important life skill. At that moment I realized I don’t have to be the one to teach my daughter everything. Her teachers are guiding her in plenty of life skills every single day. I remembered the saying that it takes a village to raise a kid and I’m so glad I have Choo Choo Train behind me.