Choo Choo Train


Introducing Arts-Enhanced Learning from Choo Choo Train

What is Arts-Enhanced?

Children learn and develop their language, communication, cognitive, and social skills through activities such as playing music, singing, storytelling, painting, and drawing.

Why Arts-Enhanced?
Because we believe that when children use art, they are building important skills for life. It helps them think creatively, solve problems, and express themselves. We believe in infusing joy into learning while ensuring comprehension. Our Arts-Enhanced methodology goes beyond aesthetics, aiming to enhance children’s retention and comprehension. Through engaging activities, we foster holistic growth, nurturing creativity, facilitating idea connections, and encouraging active participation in the educational journey.

Arts-Enhanced Programmes

Choo Choo Cuddle

(0-6 months)

This programme is all about getting babies ready to understand and be comfortable with the world around them through massage, sensory stimulation, and early social interactions.

Choo Choo Explorer 1

(7-12 months)

This programme prepares them for the next stage of their development when they become more curious explorers by helping them to crawl, stand, talk, and read.

Choo Choo Explorer 2

(13-18 months)

This programme encourages independence and development in communication, cognition, and motor skills.

Choo Choo Explorer 3

(19-24 months)

This programme helps children transition to more advanced skills and prepare for potty training.

Choo Choo Discoverer

(25-36 months)

This programme introduces structured learning, incorporating various subjects like language, math, science, and social development while maintaining a focus on play-based learning.

Choo Choo Quest

(36-48 months)

This programme is designed as our pre-kindergarten programme, getting children ready for school, and making sure they’re happy and smart.