Choo Choo Train

Art Spaces at Home

Does your child have so many toys at home that they have outgrown and you are thinking of getting them something else other than toys? Or are you looking for a special birthday gift for them? Allow us to suggest giving them a space for art in their room. Or anywhere at home. We promise it’s very simple and beneficial. All you need is a few things. Read on!

1. Set up an art desk

If there’s a small corner available in your home, that could be the perfect place to set up an art desk. Equip the desk with paper, colour pencils, crayons, and rotate other supplies and tools as needed. You can give them a chair but it is not necessary as they can sit on the floor. From our experience, many children like to stand when making art.

2. Try an easel

Young children love to work standing up. It is good for their body and it gives them variants. Try wall-mounted, table-top, or free-standing easel according to your budget and space. Keep the easel well-stocked with paper and rotate the drawing or painting supplies to keep your child interested.

3. Go outdoors

If you don’t live in a high-rise building, you can set up an easel, bring out a folding table, hang paper on a fence, or simply hand your child a clipboard for outdoor art. They will have so much fun. In sunny weather, combine art with water sensory play to cool off the heat!

4. Use a portable art caddy

An art caddy is the most versatile. Just prepare a box, a basket, or a cart with a pad of paper, some drawing materials, stickers, etc., and keep the caddy within reach so your child can work whenever and wherever they like whether at the kitchen table or the floor. They can also take it to travel and make art in the car!

All of the above are your options. Choose one or some or all of them if you feel like it. Choo Choo Train Child Care and Kindergarten is an advocate of early childhood arts. We use play-based and arts-enhanced approaches in our schools because they benefit children greatly in many ways. If you believe in the power of these approaches, Choo Choo Train is the place you want to send your child to from infancy through preschool years 🙂