Choo Choo Train

Baby Food: When We Mean The Best, You Can Bet It Is!

Every parent knows the importance of healthy food for their children. By providing healthy, clean, and fresh food, we can greatly contribute to their growth to make sure they’re getting the best they can in their growing-up years.

At Choo Choo Train Baby & Childcare Centre, we only serve healthy, nutritious, and freshly prepared food. This means, there is no canned food or junk food. We prepare the meals for the children at the centre each day to ensure their freshness and cleanliness. Furthermore, by preparing the food ourselves, we can assure the parents that there are no preservatives or chemicals added to their children’s food.

We take pride in our Prepared Fresh Daily meals for the children at Choo Choo Train because we realize how there are childcare centres that prepare food from prepacked packages and/or cans. Even though it’s an expensive brand and high quality, we believe that processed and instant food is not healthy in the long run, especially for children.

Even though many feel that it takes more effort, we believe in providing the best for your children and the trust you give us in taking care of your child should be repaid through healthy food and a safe environment.

Not only do we prepare and provide fresh food for your children, but we also incorporate healthy eating and good eating habits into our lessons and programs!

We teach the children the importance of clean eating and why we should always stay away from junk food. We also teach the children how to prepare their own food and how this can be a good way in maintaining good health for we know what goes into the food. The children also get to be involved in before and after meal sessions where they can help to set up their eating place, place the food on their own plates, and also clean up after themselves after that.

These habits when coupled with good eating can be the foundation where in the future, they won’t feel burdened about preparing their own food. When we feel too lazy to cook or to make our own meals, this is when we often resort to fast food or manufactured food products. As adults, we realize that there’s not much harm if we occasionally indulge, but this is safe because we can already make our own decisions.

At Choo Choo Train, we believe in instilling the basics so it will become normal and a habit for the children. A lot of bad habits in the future are the mistakes we made growing up but weren’t rectified. This is why we tried our best to make sure all the good habits are part of the children’s daily routine in hopes that they will have better chances of making the right decisions when their adults.

To ensure your child only gets the best, we use organic produce and fresh ingredients. With no added sugar or salt or seasonings, we can still make delicious meals for your child and many children at Choo Choo Train return empty plates after each meal!

Our cook is trained and experienced in handling foodstuff and even so, we make sure our cook is often evaluated and gets a health screen check every quarter. This practice may seem a little bit too much for some, but we’re not taking any chances because food-related diseases and/or illnesses are too common in childcare centres and it’s something we want to avoid at all costs.

At Choo Choo Train, not only your child will be happy to be themselves, but they are also growing up healthy!