Choo Choo Train

Benefits of Early Childhood Education & Care Program

Parents have so many decisions to make for their children. One hard decision is where to place their child while they work. Some choose to leave their child with a family member, some want to send to a nanny, and some prefer a well-established child care centre or taska. There are so many child care centres to choose from. On the surface they all look the same – walls painted in cheerful colours. The daily schedules seem similar too. So, which one should you place your child in? It helps to know how the centre’s program will benefit your child.


Each class has its own rules depending on the children’s age. One common rule for all the classes is to wait for one person’s turn during activities. Even the tiniest learners are taught to respect this rule. While it takes time, they learn how to have self-control. Children are also offered to choose the materials they want to play with during free-play sessions and as they do this, they learn how to keep themselves motivated.

Hands-on Learning

Hands-on learning means children learn by doing. It engages children better, increases their memory retention, and develops their critical thinking skill. It helps children to learn math and language skills as well as life lessons efficiently.

Individualized Learning

Children learn at their own pace. Early childhood education programs allow them to explore activities and ideas on their time. After careful observations and assessment on their development, the program’s coordinator will come up with activities that match their abilities. There is no pressure to perform on children.

Social Skills Development

Every school day, children practice things like proper greetings, using “please” and “thank you” and making eye contact while speaking. They learn listening skills, turn taking, and following directions throughout the day. Children are also encouraged to express their feelings politely and to show respect toward adults and peers.

Teaches about Order

In a child care centre, all objects have their own locations on shelves. When children are finished playing, they are taught to put things back where they belong. This sense of order helps children to be creative and focus on their learning process as there is minimum distraction.


These are a few of the benefits of Choo Choo Train’s Early Childhood Education & Care Program. Your child will grow in an exclusive and flexible play-based environment that cultivates an all-rounded holistic learning experience. For more information, browse through our website, or our Facebook page where we share the children’s activities or ask us at 0126492532.