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Early Childhood Education: Why Is It Important and How It Can Benefit Your Child

For the past several years, early childhood education (ECE) has grown to such a proportion that many parents are now more involved in their children’s education. This positive growth is beneficial for both parents and children as not only it seeks to empower and enrich children’s development and life, but it also presented a chance for the parents to have a better relationship with their children. However, what is the real importance of early childhood education? What form of early education benefits the children? How do they learn better through ECE? Today, we’re going to talk about the importance of early childhood education to help you better understand its benefits as well as how it helps to build your child’s future into a brighter one.

What is early childhood education?
Early childhood education (ECE) is a branch of formal education theory relating to the teaching of young children up until the age of nine years old. It involves an introduction to reading, writing, and arithmetic and also the intervention of those children who face challenges in learning. There are many forms of formal ECE, some starting from birth and some at the age of 3 years old. However, early childhood education doesn’t have to be taught or gained in an institution; parents and/or caretakers can already start educating their young anytime, anywhere, and in any form because children are constantly learning from the day they were born. Formal Early Childhood Education is a thriving industry because many parents want to seek the best option for their children.

Why is early childhood education important?
The objective of ECE is not only to educate young children about how to read, write, and count. Early childhood education encompasses the development of the children’s social, motor, and emotional skills. These skills are the foundation of a human’s overall development and the sooner they are introduced and nurtured in children, the better the chances for them to grow up in a healthy environment.
Furthermore, researchers have shown that early introduction to learning has a positive impact and encourages brain development. Experiences (lessons) can help the brain neurons develop and function better, thus encouraging a healthy brain.

Benefits of early childhood education for my child

As mentioned, early childhood education has many positive benefits for children. There have been many documented pieces of evidence of children who received early childhood education compared to children who lack any ECE introduction or intervention. Among the benefits of early childhood education are:
  • Socialization – Children tend to interact better as they learn to function within a social circle. They learn to adapt to different people, learn to respect and learn to communicate their feelings better
  • Enthusiasm for learning – When the early introduction is given to young children, they tend to preserve the enthusiasm for learning throughout their lives. This has a positive impact on them in the future as the children grow into curious and passionate adults
  • Value of cooperation – Due to the social skills the children receive, they understand the concept of cooperation better. This teaches them how to function in a community later on in their lives
  • Confidence and self-esteem: Early childhood education lessons focus on developing skills at the children’s own pace and way. This is a great way to nurture confidence in their own ability and not rely on anyone’s help unless it’s necessary. This step can encourage the children to believe in themselves and respect their own self-esteem
  • Diversity: This perhaps is one of the most important benefits of ECE. Being in a classroom where the children come from a diverse backgrounds, offers an opportunity and exposure for the children to learn about other people and how it is important to respect anyone no matter how they look like
At Choo Choo Train Baby & Child Care Centre, we understand the importance of early childhood education and how it has wonderful benefits for your children. Being passionate about educating children and making sure their education is a rewarding experience, our programs are carefully planned and structured to ensure your child will receive the best opportunity for a better and brighter future. To find out which program is best suited for your child, speak to us today and learn how you can set your child on the path to a bright future!