Choo Choo Train

New Year Activity: Paper Tube Fireworks

Happy New Year from Choo Choo Train! We found a cool firework art activity to do with children and we would like to share it with you. We think this activity can be repeated at home every new year to create a vibrant display that will brighten up the room. It’s easy, it’s creative, and you can use recyclable materials.

You will need:

Toilet paper rolls


Paper plates

Bright paint colours

Black construction paper



Step 1:

Show your child how to cut the toilet paper rolls with a scissor. Cut down the tube vertically, halfway, leaving ½ inch strips of paper tube hanging. Then, let your child cut down the tube. This is great for your child’s fine motor skill.

Step 2:

Fill each paper plate with one colour of paint and spread it around. You can do one colour and let your child do the rest.

Step 3:

Show then have your child dunk the paper tube roll into the paint with the cut side down so all of the paper tube bits catch the paint.

Step 4:

Show then have your child dab the paper tube onto the black construction paper creating an explosion of colour.

Step 5:

Repeat this process with different colours on the paper and let it dry.

Step 6:

Once it dries up, you’ll have a colourful display of fireworks to put on the wall!


Here are some conversation starters for you to use depending on your child’s level of development:

Have you ever seen fireworks before?

How many fireworks can you fit on your page?

What new colours can you create with the fireworks?

What would happen if we had fireworks in the daytime?



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