Licensee Recruitment

A complete licensing business package
for early childhood education business

Want to create your own business as a child care provider? Come and join hands with us!

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You can make a difference in a child's life with our Licensing Programme where we provide a 5-year package to operate under our brand.

Our 5-year Licensing Programme includes monthly Lesson Plan, an integrated Infant and Child Care System, and our very own and specialized Organic and Nutrition Food Menu. No matter whether this is your first time trying to run a childcare centre or you've done this before, we will provide professional training and aide in management, marketing, and centre setting as well as the finances involved.

Speak to us today to learn more on how you can be a part of our family and pave your own way towards enriching a child's life!

Workplace Child Care

When you take care of
your employees,
they will take care of
your business.

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Choo Choo Train offers a unique opportunity for employers to provide a safe and suitable environment for their employees who have children.

If you want to find out more about the benefits of collaborating with us for the workplace childcare centre and how it can return your investment, contact us to speak further.

Together we can make a difference in Malaysia workforce industry while ensuring the best for our children!

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