Our programme

We are implementing an innovative approach where we combined the strength of Montessori Method with Holistic Early Childhood Approach through International Early Years Curriculum.


Infant & Baby Development Programme

2 months – 12 months

Our Infant & Baby Development Programme is designed with your baby's growth and development in mind. Incorporating activities that stimulate their mind and senses, this programme uses proven Montessori approach focused on human interaction and discovery. With activities that engage their curiosity, we incorporate milestones development to ensure your child is growing at a healthy pace.

Even though each child is different, we monitor your child's development and receptiveness to help ensure your child can grow into an active and engaging toddler.

Toddler I Playgroup Programme

13 months – 18 months

Toddler stage is often challenging for your child, as they are active in discovering the world around them and understanding what it all means. Curiosity and imagination rule their actions and reflexes during this stage.

This is why we have activities that engage their energy in a positive way so they can learn to interact with their surrounding in a healthy and interactive way. Our curriculum is geared towards the development of their gross motor skills as well as social skills through fun activities that can help to hone their language, cognition, and morale.


Toddler II Playgroup Programme

19 months – 30 months

Children at this age are more in control of their actions. However, it can still be challenging for them to express themselves. With our Toddler II Playgroup Programme, we encourage and guide your child to find the most effective way in expressing what they think and feel.

Through this, your child will have better communication skills and this can lead to better learning experience. Being able to communicate better will lessen your child’s stress and therefore allowing them to enjoy learning and socializing.

Nursery Exploration Programme

2.5 – 4 years old

Getting your child ready for formal education can be quite a task. Choo Choo Train believes in encouraging children to discover things for themselves.

Our pre-academic curriculum is designed towards formal education preparation, but we apply holistic approach in order to let your child enjoy learning and remember what they have learned with activities that encourage their critical and creative thinking. Our Nursery Exploration Program is about exploring and discovering their strength so they can adapt better upon school-age entry.