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Why Small Class Sizes Work: The Choo Choo Train Advantage

Children learn best when they get the proper attention they need. In a child care setting, it is important for the early childhood educators to observe, document, plan, and execute a lesson plan which helps the individual child to succeed. This can only be done with small class size. It gives children a better learning environment as both the teacher and child get to concentrate on each activity with minimal distractions from other children. For this reason, when you are choosing a child care centre for your child, you need to look at the size of the class: what is the child-to-teacher ratio?

Choo Choo Train keeps the class size small to ensure all children are benefiting from coming to school every day. Small class size has proved to allow better communication, increase one-on-one interaction, provide personalization, and encourage group work.


Would you like for your child to be able to express his or her concerns to the teacher and get a positive reaction immediately? What do you think about this: the teacher notices your child’s body language and approaches him or her to ask what’s bothering? With a small class size, teachers can spread their attention amongst the few students so they can communicate on a much more effective level. Teachers are then able to address a need or concern quickly and thoroughly.


Excelling student or struggling one, both need plenty of individual attention. Teachers have to get to know each of their students because every child is different. With a small class size, chances of one-on-one interaction increase which enables teachers to recognize and maximize each child’s full potential. Even during infancy, your child can already show his or her potentials such as liking to move to music and following its rhythm!


When a teacher knows her students, she has a more personalized relationship with them. It becomes easier for the teacher to adjust her interaction and teaching style to suit the students she is working with. Maybe one child is struggling to wait for his turn and another child is struggling to be the first one to do an activity. The former can go first, the latter can go after that. The class goes smoothly when a teacher can control her small group.

Group work

Children feel more comfortable with one another in a small group. It becomes easier for them to learn together and engage with one another. It is always fascinating to watch children in a small group play. You get to see their personalities come out!

If you have recognized the importance of small class sizes, you should know that Choo Choo Train curriculum and facilities are designed to ensure our class sizes remain small. Book a tour today if you are interested. Click here to see our locations and contacts.